Pre Paid Funerals

To Plan or Not to Plan?

When you think about it … we plan for just about every possibility in life.
We put money aside for retirement and other important events – so planning for our own funeral is really a natural extension of these actions.

Planning ahead for your funeral, with the help of a professional funeral director, is a simple and sensible thing to do – just like making a Will.

Many people take the opportunity to have an honest family discussion about their preferences for their funeral. This ensures that everyone is aware of your wishes.

You should also ensure your family knows who to contact, and where any important documents are kept.

It is Your Funeral

Pre-planning a funeral means that you choose the type and style of funeral service you want – and decide how much you wish to spend in advance.

Some issues to consider are:

  • Whether you would prefer burial or cremation
  • Which cemetery or crematorium
  • The type and style of coffin or casket
  • Wording of the death notice, flowers or donations to your selected charity and whether limousines for the family are required
  • Any special features you would like included, such as a poem, a singer, or a piece of music

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